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Bumble & Bumble

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Texture Spray

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Dry Spun Texture Spray

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What it is:
Push fuller styles further with the instant texture of this must-have texturizing spray — a soft, airy, tousled look that gives can’t-stop won’t-stop airy dimension and flexible movement. Made translucent and with soft hold, this lighter take on our Pro-fave Dryspun Texture Spray is ideal for medium to thick hair that craves texture (but likes it soft).
Formulated For:
Ideal for Medium to Thick hair types seeking a texturizing spray.

Patterns: Curly (3B-3A), Wavy (2C-2A), Straight (1A)
Diameters: Fine, Medium, Thick
Condition: Untreated, Color-Treated, Dry
How to Use:
Shake well. Hold 8-10 inches away, and mist evenly throughout dry hair. Use more for more oomph.

Pro Tips:
1. For a piece-y look, use fingers to separate the ends of hair.
2. Start small and build till you find what you like. Lift a section of hair up and apply our texturizing spray underneath to determine your desired amount of product, then move from mid lengths to ends or all over. Rake fingers through hair to distribute.
3. To support texture, try spraying with your head upsidedown. Want a midday boost? Apply this hair mist at the root and give hair a tousle.
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